Asian Admire


73 - Straight

Maha Sarakham, Thailand

Nov 24, 2022 02:17

Line ID: k9vonengel or 0956451296
I am a retired farang, living in Maha Sarakham. I am easy going and don't get upset often. I am friendly and somewhat outgoing. I enjoy people, but don't have to have them around. I am just as good with people as I am without. I enjoy Thai food, but I still retain my taste buds for American food.
If you want to know me, just ask, you will get the it or not.
Yes I am married.
Wife says okay to chat...5555
No I don't date.
I'm straight, but a little *****..
Yes I want to make new friends.
Yes I want to chat with others
If you have kids, no problem.
Not an ATM
Have Skype