Asian Admire


68 - Straight

Skane, Sweden

Sep 2, 2018 16:40

I am working as a CEO of my own company. We work with innovations in environment projects around the world, mainly water purification. I started this company after working as a psycho analyst for many years. To my surprise it became very successful and now I do not need to work if I choose not to. I am divorced for some years, having lived alone since then. I have no kids.
I am very interested in the spiritual side of life and I am convinced that we live forever! I am however, not too fond of religion, which I think is a kind of parasitic growth on free spirituality..I have practiced meditation and yoga and also martial arts for a long time.
I read a lot, love music and other forms of creativity and arts.
I am looking for someone that likes to solve problems through communication, instead of fighting! Someone that I could travel with and experience interesting places. Also, it is important that the person evolved into an understanding that it is never a good idea to stay in victimhood for too long!
Freedom and love should go hand in hand..