Asian Admire


65 - Straight

NSW, Australia

Sep 23, 2022 05:31


Nice to meet you, well kinda, sorta, maybe, Ya wanna?

I 'm an optimist person & always try to look on the bright side of life, how about you? I'm a humorous person & believe laughing is good for the soul, heart and the mind! I'm a fun-loving guy, and I hope that you're a fun-loving girl too! I am "Young" at Heart!

People whom know me say that I'm responsible, you can always count on me. Are you attracted to a confident man? I have the spirit of an adventurer, I love to explore, meet new people, see & do new things. You could say I'm a family man, Its No1. If being romantic is a crime, I'm guilty. I think romance is a form of Art!
Expect to be kissed (under) in the rain or in the middle of a storm until you give in! Im just a big kid at heart so prepare to be boarded & we will get wet! but only for love. No Garlic.

Are you a lady who likes to swim in the ocean? I love all water sports. Moonlight walks on the beach with dessert! Do you love warm tropical waters? Im An Advanced Scuba Diver & I love The Great Barrier Reef & we can snorkeling there easily anyway. I Believe I have spent more time there than anyone who hasn't worked there.

To describe myself in one word people say I'm a MAVERICK. People who know me say that I'm responsible, you can always count on me to be there. I trust strongly in myself. I have the spirit of an adventurer, I love to explore, see new places, people, & things. You could say I'm a family man, so if you ask me, there's nothing more important than family.

I am looking for the right girl to have a fairytale life with!

If You are the one, You will Always Know It!

You will always be my main focus!

You alone will have my love & respect always!

If your a natural person, honest respectful calm faithful etc, like me just write, Oh,


Careful... " I Bite "!


As for “ The One I Am Searching For “


Its not Whom, What, When, Where or How! But, I will know Her when the time is right! Secret.. . (Shhh! dont tell anyone else, Okay! ) Its Not what I See, Smell, Hear, Touch & Taste, But What I will Know Sense & Feel (In my Heart & Mind)….

I will not be motivated by the Lipsmacking, Fireworks & Heartpounding, Wave Crashing, Thunderous Smashing Internally in My Body.


The Soft Whisper & Tenderness Of My Soul that I Know Will Live On Forever Together!


This is how I expect our relationship To Be! (or not, to be). That is your question!



Age: 36 / straight



Age: 70 / straight



Age: 63 / straight