Asian Admire


68 - Straight

ZH, Netherlands

May 25, 2021 05:58

I am a widower , living in the Netherlands, 1 year from retirement, i am a bit artistic/part time artist,well educated but middle class job i really like, almost retired, very open minded and very direct, but do not worry, i am also very sincere and polite. honesty is important.
I am serious looking for a bubbly,free/open minded female friend/lover who can/like become my partner possibly , in the future.

An understanding woman, a non cellphone addicted woman!!, and honestly to say, also a friend who does not mind to be on cam together sometimes. So we know we are real and can become more close.

Understanding the difference in cultures and to accept the various views in and about life , are an eternal topic of discussion. Accepting each other and admit that building a warm loving life together is based on friendship, understanding, passion and an interest in the things we both like and like to do.

One note; i have a growing dislike for religions. My experiences are; they trouble the mind from clear thinking and let people ignore verified facts and proven history. I am not able to believe in godlike imaginations of the human mind.

I am genuine..... and willing to prove that. I am a lot older , i hope you do not mind such??? Age of course does matter in several ways.

I am sincere and honest, but i am also direct but always polite.
I hate rudeness and nasty behaviour.

Love =so many seek here, but ; love has to grow, in time, it takes time, it must be based on a mutual interest for each other, honesty, trust and lusts. It needs to maintained, cherished and lived. Embedded in a daily life, on a distance or together.
There is no excuse for being prissy or prudish, it is silly to claim knowledge you cannot verify . Others are others, let them be..........

There is no heaven , there is only let enjoy it!