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70 - Straight

Pennsylvania, United States

Sep 16, 2023 02:19

Very young for my age. I'd like to lie but then I'd be a liar. LOL! I'm an unlimited life extensionist. Living indefinitely, even forever is possible in a healthy state through upcoming technologies including aging rejuvenation and accident reduction technology. Looking to meet free thinking, rational man, age 21and up for friendship, future relationship that's purely platonic, with nothing romantic or physically intimate but with much caring, sharing and platonic love and affection. I hope to be ARRANGED by my friends and family if I am ever to share my life and home with the platonic partner. Arrangements don't have to be events or formal in any way. It's simply two families or units of people coming together for a serious personal purpose as I've described here. If you have dependents who you're responsible to support or want to support you must be rich enough to support them well their entire lives, if needed. Must be an American citizen or have a green card. Do NOT expect me to trust you without EARNING it. I've heard too many people say they take people at their word. This is stupid nowadays. Also need someone who has good introspection and gets along well and is logical. NO AIRHEADS. I don't care if a person has 100 doctorates -- if that person is irrational or is antagonistic, stay away! Also you must have a photo of yourself on your profile and have the common sense to show your face clearly. if for any reason you do not have a photo like this you need to tell straight away why you don't have one and offer one on a different website. Once again, if you're not good with people and cannot put yourself into the place of others, STAY AWAY!