Asian Admire


47 - Straight

Luzon, Philippines

Jun 10, 2022 03:33

simple, shy, browncomplexion,petite, long hair (currently I have a short hair a weeks ago due to hairfall old age syndrome 😂) but I love long hair and since I am still waiting for the right time to meet my future husband whoever and wherever he is I will cut it and wait for long hair again. If He love me not just looking for my long hair or short but even if I have a bald already coz I already accepted him no matter what how he looks as long as he love me second to God) and also God brings him to me. I'm not yet in a hurry but I am willing to get married soon 😂)
Updated Feb 2022
single, looking for future husband/bf who is same faith, A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN, a Bible believer guy who loves God above all. Warning to those scammers intended to scam me,, God sees your heart. and i read all online scammers list so if you are one of those. God loves you

thank you so much for those who visited my profile. If you are interested to send me a message u can honestly say your background please. I will not be able to condemn but rather to understand what you are been through and perhaps the starter of getting to know each other.