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28 - Straight

Sultan kudarat, Philippines

Oct 13, 2023 15:27

Relationship is not about having a handsome boyfriend or a beautiful girlfriend it's not about looking for perfect person because there's no perfect on earth it's not about looking for rich because money can't buy love or happiness. its not about age because age doesn't matter and I prefer old and matured man relationship is finding someone who care you who comfort you and who knows how to comfort you and really love you the way you are and who is proud having you. it doesn't matter about age situation or position in life it doesn't matter what race black or white fat or slim what matter most is someone who have a good heart. don't ask for the account, give him privacy, don't tell him to post you in public, let him do it, don't beg for attention and love, let him give it willingly, don't tell him who he will stay away from, let him walk away voluntarily, remember, don't teach him how to be your man, you don't need to be told because the right man, you don't need to be told, he will know and he will do everything for you, just to make you happy, feel deserved and loved, and you're lucky if you already found that man
A real man has nothing to hide he will tell you the truth about whatever you want to know because he knows that if hes 100% honest with you you will trust him no matter what that's the sign of a man that wants to grow with you.. for me once I'm yours and I'm yours I'll stay loyal committed to you and only you and no one else. .