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31 - Straight

Osamiz, Philippines

Jul 24, 2023 02:22

The first thing I want to say is that age is not a problem for me. I know a lot of people care about their partner's age and then their whole life. I am looking for a man to live in. Not a Prince, not a King. I am not a Princess. . I would say that there are no perfect people, but I think that the ideal man should be a good, caring, romantic companion, because communication and trust are the main things in a relationship, I want the man to be frank with me in his desires and not afraid to express his opinion good or bad....I am dreaming about creating strong long-term relationship with my man...I think that outer beauty is really good, but it is worth nothing if we do not care about inner beauty. A man who can always be close, especially hearty ,
A man who will understand me and support in moments of my weaknesses,
A man who has a good heart and good manners,
A man who knows how to be faithful and lover,

I am sure that I will find you ...I need a man who needs a serious relationship! I don’t need games, I don’t want to be deceived! Are there honest and decent men? I am sure that I will find the same man!They say that real Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies and my soul is still looking for its other half in this huge world. I am a gentle, feminine, affectionate woman with a caring, kind heart and charming, warm nature. If you are trying to find a genuine partner who understands what it takes to have a great life-long relationship, then you need to take a closer look at my profile. Smile I believe that when there is a solid mutual connection, commitment, giving, and respect, the trust partners have for each other cannot be broken and that is the foundation I am going to build my future relationship on. I am very trustworthy and sincere, I value honesty and effective ccommunication between partners even over the smallest of emotions as it can actually help both to understand each other better and avoid misunderstandings that can lead to painful confrontations in the years to come. I have optimistic attitude towards life, I am cheerful, joyful and enthusiastic, very bright and full of potential. I can become very passionate and excited about things and my enthusiasm lends me the ability to inspire and motivate others. I am a compromising and fair-minded woman, very helpful and supportive and I will surely pay much attention to my future partner's needs...Are you a genuine and determined person who wants to create a lasting relationship based on mutual understanding, mutual love, passion and honesty?
Let's get to know each other, please?
There are many women looking for men, but my whisper will be louder than their cry because it will be sincere.
Are you ready to start a relationship on a dating site, and maybe one day we'll continue it off-site...?
I am looking for a strong and brave man who could allow me to be even more gentle and sweet in his arms! I will give true love, pamper and take care of my man. Many tender moments in a relationship will bring us and our souls closer together! I want us to share dreams and secrets, cherish and understand each other!
The man I am looking for must appreciate harmony in his relationship with his woman and in the family as a whole.
He must understand that it is not money that rules this world, but morals and values.
The lock of my heart will open for the one who will give me love, tenderness and kindness...I am looking for a man who will treat me like a woman, take care of me, respect me, value my love and always faithful. I prefer men who are older than me and have major life experience. He has to have a good sense of humor. My man will be the leader in our family, that is why he will have to make important decisions and be able to care for his family. I am only looking for a serious and lifelong relationship; I do not want to make a mistake as I want to have only one marriage in life