Asian Admire


36 - Straight

Minnesota, United States

May 24, 2023 16:14

I'm 35 and am seeking a serious polygamous relationship because my bloodline is literally the rarest on this planet. I'm seeking a few women to make into true Queens because I'm working on starting a true empire. If this doesn't bother you then feel free to message me. Please take everything I say in my profile for face value because I really mean it. I really need a woman who can help me get my on my feet. Once I'm on my feet I can get my Sovereign Citizen status which will make me a billionaire. Whoever reaches out to me will be explained everything. If you're interested and a good listener then reach out and become one of my Queens of my future Reign. I'm blunt,  straightforward, outgoing, loving, caring, compassionate very ambitious and multi talented. Write me if you're interested.