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70 - Straight

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Feb 8, 2024 17:22

Enjoy Studying To Expand My Mind, Classical Music, Read, Play Chess, Watch Rugby, Attend Heritage Events.

Interested In Current Affairs, Documentary And Historical Programs On TV

Please Note I Am Partially Deaf And Avoid Phone Use As A Result - In Person I Supplement Hearing With Lip Reading

What I am Looking For

I Am Looking For Excitement, Adventure And New Horizons To Explore With An Adventurous Woman. A Voyage Of Discovery That Means Learning To Please My Partner In Every Way.

My Ideal Person:

I Don't Have An Ideal Person For A Partner Because An Ideal Person Does Not Exist Except In Our Imagination And Because, If They Did Exist, They Would Never Be Able To Live Up To The Ideal Laid Down.

The Things I Like Most In Woman Are:-

1) The Confidence And Security To Be Happy With Themselves The Way They Are. If They Are, Their Perfection Comes From Their Very Ability To Live With Imperfection.

2) Openness And Honesty In Sharing Opinions, Feelings, Desires And Wishes.

3) A Woman Who Knows What She Wants And Likes And Tells One Exactly What She Wants And Who Is Willing To Do All She Can To Please In Return

4) A Woman Who Is Willing To Experiment And Investigate New Horizons Together.

5) A Woman Prepared To Both Take The Lead Or Follow As Circumstances And Any Role Play Dictates.

And, Most Of All,

6) Ones Best Friend And Companion Combining Friendship And Companionship.

7) A Smile That Is Made With The Eyes As Well As The Lips.

Ideally All The Above Qualities. Qualities That Are More Important Than Looks Because They Outlast Looks.



Age: 55 / straight

United Kingdom


Age: 59 / straight

United Kingdom