Asian Admire


23 - Straight

Virginia, United States

Jun 19, 2021 20:29

Can't see inbox here so I won't reply. Read bio. Cant see likes/intros/chàts. Won’t reply

Marriage Minded and Ready. Single, monogamous, chaotic neutral, nerdy, gamer (Pokemon go), otaku (sailor moon), dèmisexual, cosplayer (myself), car girl, pop culture enthusiast and movie buff. Looking for a serious long term relationship with the goal of marriage. Looking to DATE and see where it goes. I’m a shy introvert with anxiety so I prefer texting over meeting and phone calls.

I want someone to go on movie dates with, talk about comic books and comic book movies, someone to go to conventions with, and someone that can be my nerd go to guy when I have questions about the other lantern corps. I want someone romantic and affectionate, expressive and a talker.

I’m not on here much so I may not match or reply. Don’t take it as a sign of disinterest. I’m just not on here much. If you must reach me i'm on ig as 36ddds