Asian Admire


42 - Straight

Ozamiz, Philippines

Jun 15, 2021 13:46

I am not on this platform for fun―nor for long, having no taste for "face shopping" or chitchat. I genuinely seek a suitable and stable companion.
Yet, knowing myself―and this world, the challenge is big 😰

To learn. to grow as to increase my well-being is my daily bread🥥, my life purpose🌈 Likewise, what i enjoy the most, what fulfills me, is to touch, to inspire and guide people🤝 !
Discipline or empathy do not so much frighten and repel me. But you ?

Life is precious―well, it is everything, and i do not bother material concerns―but for obvious comfort or safety🙏

I worked a lot as a teacher, i loved (and love) it. My natural temper and resources, have given me the need and attitude of being brotherly and/or fatherly ; a mentor.

By the way... I intend to―again―open and run a small enterprise, for my utmost pleasure. Let’s hope that by then i am no more single😊 ; i am convinced that a partnership here too may heighten the rest.