Asian Admire


41 - Straight

Ozamiz, Philippines

Apr 13, 2021 12:10

Adventure, to discover and learn are my daily fresh bread―and pleasure, too ! What i enjoy, what fulfills me most, is to touch, inspire and guide people—as far as and when i can.
But if empathy, discipline do not interest, inspire but frighten, repel you, move to next profile, keep off. I am not here for fun or for chitchat.

Also, my way of life is not that of a typical Westerner like many here suppose : big bank account, lots of outings and big spending ... Life is precious, i do not bother with material or shallow stuff—just cannot ^_^ Thanks for noting well !
My companion is to put aside, go past her family and past : i am not a bonus, an extra...

Lastly. Possibly, you would be (or first be) a partner. I will start a small enterprise, and seek a partner. Our association could be it, if you dare. Just reach me and let’s see !

Smile ! We are getting closer 😅
m / El.