Asian Admire


46 - Straight

Mississippi, United States

Feb 13, 2021 10:14

I am an american guy looking for a woman from another country,women in the USA are not my type.
Also I am not looking for a woman with children or any bad habits eather.
You can ask me anything you like I am very open and honest
If you are a serious woman then send me a message.
Also I am looking for a woman who is open to moving here with me and starting a life together.
I am not just looking for a house wife,I also want a woman who wants to work and help pay bills.
If you are educated and can get a job then that is a bonus in helping raise a family.
Also I want a woman who is willing to come visit me first.
This is non negotiable!

If you do not have a passport then we might not work out,
I have no kids I would like to have children one day and a good wife to help me take care of them I also take care of the woman I love and the children I would have with her.
Family is most important and comes first.
I have my own place,I have a good car,I have a good job i have been with for many years,i also have a little extra money put back for a rainy day but do not want a woman who only cares about money,i want a woman who cares about making her husband happy when he has a bad day at work ,a woman who always supports her man is the most valuable woman to me.
Also if i meet a woman who wants to get married one day i expect her to be a wife to me.
I am a kind and gentle man when i have a woman i love and i enjoy romance,
I expect a woman who will always love me.
I am also very loyal and protective of my lady,I respect a woman freedom and I expect a woman who allows me to be myself,I am not interested in drama.
I want a dedicated and loyal woman and if you prove you are the kind of woman I look for then I would always show you how I feel about you.
If you would like to see how it goes with me then do not be shy,I am only looking for one woman to be with and she has to be the right woman for me,

I look forward to getting to know you and maybe one day get married to the right woman.



Age: 32 / straight

United States


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Age: 59 / straight

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