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67 - Straight

Delaware, United States

Nov 26, 2020 18:54

I am basically just a nice guy who happens to ride a Harley (don't worry, if you do not ride it is okay. . as long as you can handle my going out alone from time to time : -) I know you have seen millions of profiles by now (okay. . . . maybe less than a million. . but more than one : -) So I won't bore you with all the usual stuff. . . we both have interests we can share or do on our own time (and yes. . a healthy relationship does NOT mean being joined at the hip 24/7 : -) We both have our past (as long as we have moved on and learned from it) BUT. . we both can bring alot to a relationship''
I am an old hippie, so classic rock and oldies are my favorites as far as music. But I also like blues, some classical, some country. Favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Santana, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, KISS, Evanesence, Enigma, etc. As far as my favorite foods.. Italian, American, a good steak, some seafood, Cajun, Chinese. I drink Diet Coke, Diet Mountain Dew, lots of water and Gatorade style drinks, drink occasionally, no illegal drugs. Movies.. action/adventure, Sci-Fi drama, BIG Star Trek fan, watch Walking Dead (even dressed up as a Zombie for a Zombie Walk a few times. As for me, the person inside, I have been told I am a nice guy



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