Asian Admire


25 - Straight

Suffolk, United Kingdom

Jun 21, 2020 22:10

A simple guy
I love gaming. I love art yet not to good at drawing. I love the world. I love you but not to good at expressing it

(My hobbes/Interests are but not limited to)
°The outdoors (such as walking through the woodlands and countrysides taking in the cool gentle breeze.)
ºWalking and exploring new places. (Honestly getting lost in a new place feels awesome. Reminds you how huge the world is.)
ºAnimals (Especally anything cute and flooofy)
ºJapan/Japanese people and culture
ºLooking up at the stars at night wondering if my soul mate may be looking up seeing the exact same thing somewhere out there

I would love to add a picture but my phones getting repaired at the moment best I can do is add you onto my facebook so you can see my pre-existing ones till i get it back

I think if you put this in your URL bar it should take you to my facebook. I'm not suuuuuper active there though