Asian Admire


54 - Straight

Taipei, Taiwan

Jul 6, 2020 06:13

I am looking for an authentic person who can be spiritually, mentally, emotionally and intellectually connected. If you are heavy meat eater, please escape, we aren't matched. I'm a dual nationality I used to live in America, but I'm currently living in Taiwan. If I can find someone compatible, I will move back to America.

I'm spiritual-oriented, self-awareness, vegan and pacifist. I believe all beings are equally born, animals are our friends, not our food. I have a soft spot in my heart for animals and try to live a life that reflects my respect and concerns for the less privileged and defenseless animals. I am seeking a man who is living alone, no kids or kids are grown. It would be great that you are spiritual, ethical, honest, and trustworthy. You are interested in plant based diet and spiritual connection.

I often dream to live in a world where is no animal's cruelty, no inhuman farming factory. A place where humans and all the animals can live peacefully and harmoniously. A world of no killing, no brutality, no violence, no deception, no conspiracy,no war. But I know it's just a dream, there is no such a place on earth. Just look, how many cheating, violent and bloody events happen in this world, and how many scammers try to defraud on the dating sites.

I have met many fake people, Scammers stay away from me. I am kind doesn't mean I am blind, I can see through your tricks and fake story in a very short time. Don't waste my time, I don't have money and will never send money to anyone.