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Nov 25, 2019 20:48

I'm Kevin,' Please read, Or you could spend the rest of your life missing me
I like to talk ,Quite a lot to be honest, Communicating is a very good thing anyway right ! It's the best way to get to know someone and how they feel inside, To make a new partner feel comfortable around you and at ease, Trust is built making a strong relationship that can last forever, I've come to understand and realized this for the 14 years i've been divorce, Shocking number i know LOL' I know there will be so many ladies-Women here i think will understand this and have come to the same conclusion right ? Never fear to talk when you message me because I'm very down to earth and a good listener and i like to help people, I'm a nice person. Quite funny at times so watch out lol Anyway ' Something about Me ! I've been single for 14 years! Past hurt has held me back a while . I am new here on this site but ive been searching longer , Even after all this time , I'm still looking for my one true one !
Anyway. I'm happy and easy going guy, I'm down to earth and good to talk to, I'm a good listener and have a strong shoulder for those in need of advice, I've helped many over the years but now i think it is time i think of me, I'm honest and fair and speak my mind, Besides, It's always good to hear the truth .' I'm kind loving and gentle' I'm happy and funny' I'm 50 years ' But I'm young at heart : My family say I look good for my age. I'm not over the hill just yet .
Family get togethers with my brothers members can be hilarious ' Barbeques are the best if there's a drink on the go, Brothers laughing at each other for no reason at all until our faces are blue with tears streaming . But it's all worth it lol. I have two adorable children , 1 Son and 1 Daughter, Above 18 ! I have 2 brothers left of what was 5 siblings ,' So family is highly important to me.
Anyway I am looking for someone special, Someone that reminds me of me and can have a real good laugh keep up with me ' I am well trained , Sort of LOL . I'm on QQ international , Or skype.Thanks for reading me



Age: 46 / straight

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Age: 55 / straight

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