Asian Admire


78 - Straight

Dorset, United Kingdom

Apr 8, 2022 10:43

I'd like to meet someone warm, thoughtful, kind, smart, slim, and talkative. I'm artistic, resourceful, open, liberal, and romantic without being cloying or childish, with diverse interests: art, music, design, shopping, theatre, movies, trips, treats, holidays ...

I have a pretty house with a big garden, a kid, a dog, and a field of horses behind: near a town on a river, 15 min from cliffs and beaches.

I don't want to repeat past relationships. I want someone different and a happy, stress-free life. Which is why I'm here.

But it's not easy.

Too often, photos have no headline, profile, details, height, weight, kids, work, thoughts, feelings, or ideas … it's a dating site not a guessing game.

Although dating sites have 000s of men/women, we can dismiss photos in less than a second: so sure we wouldn't like them. So only a tiny percentage ultimately find someone who stays. For others, it's just a dream from the princess diaries and they stay on the train looking at other lives out of the window until the train hits the end of the track.

Whereas, in real life, people say/do unexpected things and we feel interest and attraction.

I'm not interested in someone who wants a pen-pal, travel-mate, or 'friend'. Or prejudices, fad diets, obsessive interests, or empty bottles. Or someone who has 45 photos (taken by whom?) posing in luxury environments, bars, taxis, or at tables set for two, and is on line 25 hours a day.