Asian Admire


76 - Straight

Dorset, United Kingdom

Jul 26, 2021 11:38

I've had a vivid life with enough of everything. After my divorce (the divorce was easy: it was the marriage that was difficult), I focused on my home and garden, my various businesses, a kid with his education, travel, interests, and social time, two dogs, and family and friends. I've put a lot into all of those but now have time for something different with someone different: not just another theatre date, a thai dinner, a travel mate, or a coffee-club loyalty card.

I want to live with someone contemporary, open, liberal, aware, healthy, a good conversationalist, with wide interests and good company anywhere. Someone capable, affectionate, resourceful, kind, loves kids, and who wants to share.

I don't want an exchange of money or favours, and don't need a cook or a cleaner. And no prejudices, pet hates, food fads, rigid schedules, smoking, obsessions, or emotional complications. I want a two-way life: respectful, co-operative, supportive, encouraging, trusting, and enthusiastic. Not just a relationship: a relationship is what we have until something better comes along.

It's a pretty house: a stand-alone converted extended cottage with a private driveway, two garages, and a large garden with a field of horses behind.

I've had a good education and I'm interested in all the arts, performance, sciences, eco, nature, travel, technology ... and have two guitars and two keyboards.

There seems to be a lot of people on net-dating who just want phone play-time, a new facebook 'friend', or have some personal agenda, and are on line 99 hours a day. Internet dating is about consumers pretending to be normal people, so net-dating can easily become not-dating. But hope is hard to resist.