Asian Admire


59 - Straight

Australia, Australia

Mar 2, 2024 05:35

Namaste, thank you for your effort and checking me out! I feel so lucky that you are able to spare me a few minutes of your time

I am very lucky to have travel, work and lived in so many different Continents. I'm a well educated, am family oriented, a very positive and eternal optimist lady. I enjoy a good humour and laughter, athletic, romantic, passionate, caring, loving, loves travelling, very keen to learn new things and much more. I am in an excellent shape pretty much all my life - it's easier to stay fit and helps to enjoy life with fewer physical problems. I also believe that keeping fit and eating healthy is very important. In a nutshell: \"I dress and act like a lady\".

I am an educated and a smart lady who keep an open mind, an open heart, and with a golden heart. Further to this, open minded person, effective Communicator, Respectful, Loyalty, Trust and Honesty are very important to me. Avid football supporter (union)

I'm Not seeking for perfection but a genuine gentleman. I am real person who does not wish to play games, am a sophisticated lady who is able to look after myself. To balance my lifestyle, I enjoy going to Pilates, Yoga, long Walks, Running, en-vogue dancing, Ballet and enjoy listening to music to chill out. I am able to play Golf if and when I find some time.

Being a Parent ( a son and a daughter-both grown up) has taught me to be flexible, be open minded and give the unconditional love to my children. My favourite mantra, \"Think Positive, talk Positive and feel Positive! and Appreciate c

I am a lady who tends to give all when I am passionately, spiritually and emotionally engaged with a person I feel close to. I have faith by registering here that I'll find a true gentleman whose going to be my true best mate and love, someone to love me for who I am... whom I can also share all my love and my life in return!

For the genuine Mr Right thanks a bunch for dropping by! I want you to reach out. With the right Chemistry and charismatic personality, your friendship will end the missing puzzle, and give back the meaning in my life. I am grateful that I will meet you soon in an unexpected way and that God brought us together for a reason. I am confident that you will broaden my horizons, bring out the best in me and alert me to some of my deeper talents and I will do the same for you.

Let us be positive and Hopefully stick with me long enough to become my best mate first or possibly more ...Together we will be inseparable, helping and supporting each other, sharing life's ups and downs under the same umbrella, and completing this beautiful journey hand in hand. I'd say, \"Trust, love,respect, transparency, loyalty and honesty begets all these special traits mentioned above\"...

Sorry if I am unable to respond to your message straight away... I live in an area the net connection is not that great...often it just dropped off for not apparent reason... I am of two minds whether to live elsewhere with better net connectivity, but on the other hand do I sacrifice the serenity and tranquility...

May your path to happiness be short. I hope to hear from you soon