Asian Admire


35 - Straight

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Dec 4, 2019 15:39

well to start off my name is Gavin, I'm 31 old. well i come from the UK. I am confident, caring and respected person. i am an ESL teacher. Currently working as customer assistant. I came into teaching because of my grandfather was a primary school teacher and my aunt is a math teacher back in the UK. Plus i live with my mum and sister.
i was brought up by my mum (British spelling) and my dad who left 2012. my mum is a nurse and my dad is a driver i think i would not know, I've got a younger sister who is a sports coach in swimming. in addition i have a 96 year old grand mother who still lives at home. i have got an uncle who got a phd in international marketing but died when i was 17 years old.
well what i like in a women is they respectful, caring, self confident and motivated, enjoys life. but i don't have anything to dislike about women. what make me happy is that i/ we have achieved something to improve or help others. You can contact me on hangout: or by email: