Asian Admire


74 - Straight

Wielkopolska, Poland

Jan 17, 2022 23:53

Self-introducing is always a hard job. However I’ll try. I am a Pole so Polish is my native language. I am not a Prince Charming. Rather, I will try to tell you how I am perceived. Those who know me say that I am graceful and charming. I attach great importance to physical appearance, behavioural norms, and even social conventions. I am balanced, calm and thoughtful. Those who already know me insist that I have diplomatic talents that arise from the fact that I am trying to see every problem from all sides, carefully considering all the pros and cons, and see the advantages and disadvantages of an individual and the situation. But also for the same reason I often have difficulty in making decisions, although from the outside is not that visible. I have a very developed intellect, reasonable approach to life, love intellectual discussions, try to be objective. I appreciate beauty, I am kinda aesthete, book and music media buyer. I am regular visitor of galleries, theatres, concert halls, open air concerts and movie-theatres However I am not an artists, I am rather focused on the art of aesthetic, classic and beautiful in form. I need my environment was harmonious and friendly. This helps me to maintain internal balance. A balance is the key word for my personality, I try to keep it in all areas of my life. I feel unhappy when my environment is in chaos and discord. My life and interests are directed primarily on interpersonal relationships. I am a social being, I admit that I am not indifferent to my position in a social group. So I act effectively and speak to people who accept me. Therefore I often do what others expect from me or what seems to them that they expect. I have the impression that I am excessively trying to get it to be nice, polite, courteous what sometimes leads to losing the sense of my own individuality. I work unevenly. I am able to work long and hard, but a moment can happen when I give up to laziness and indolence. Any reminder evoke in me just stubbornness. I do not like the hard work and unrewarded tasks. You can say I am not exaggeratedly ambitious, am I?. I feel best in occupations related to art, in professions requiring talent and diplomatic mediation and in all occupations requiring contact with people. So my recent post was a music director in a local radio. Now I act as a freelance journalist and an English-and-French-into-Polish translator and interpreter. I fear the disintegration of relationship. This fear increased after the break-up of my latest relationship. I am looking for a partner who could share with me common interests and temperament. That one who will restore me to belief of love. As you see I am not perfect. But, everybody knows, nobody’s perfect. Though, may be, you are. If you feel we can understand each other, then contact me directly using this address: hiess at gazeta dot pl and “dance me to you beauty with a burning violin, dance me to the panic till I’m gathered safely in, lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove, dance me to the end of love.”