Asian Admire


53 - Straight

Taipei, Taiwan

Aug 23, 2019 08:27

I am an authentic, honest, trustworthy woman, looking for a long term relationship. I'm spiritual-oriented, self-awareness, vegan and pacifist. I believe all beings are equally born, animals are our friends, not our food. I have a soft spot in my heart for animals and try to live a life that reflects my respect and concerns for the less privileged and defenseless animals.

I am seeking someone who doesn't have kids or kids are grown, you are living alone. Someone who is a vegan or inclined to plant based diet, compassionate, ethical, spiritual-oriented, generous, humorous, honest trustworthy, animals' lover, enjoy the depth of spiritual connection and deep conversation. I can't put up with a man who's libidinous, dishonest, self-centered, manipulated, grumpy, using foul language. .

No drama player, if you want to play games, look else where, don't waste my time, I won't buy your story or send you money